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Completed the game with everyone in full bars. Sydney kills everything.

additive but man tats alot of levels

additive, played till lvl 60 ultra violent. nothing a lil running and RPG cant handle :P

Oh yea i had fun killing people :D

Killed 19, the remaining people just won't go to the top floor :-/ i had a welcome sign instead of a for-sale sign for the ending :D should have added more ways for the people to die :P

too much of the good thing

well someone has watched too much of guren lagann

JonBro responds:

I'd never heard of Gurren Lagann until this review. From a quick look at Google, I've gathered that it's an anime with... that's as far as I got. It could be interesting, I don't know.

Thanks for the review!

Its actually good...

well it just takes some time getting used to using the ultimates, leveling up and gameplay, its quite easy to win if you know how, and plenty of time

i have completed :D

trick is to specialize wisely >:D
nice game, not too easy, not too hard either


good game :D tho the player have to make their choice of weapons carefully, the way money is made can easily made into a vicious cycle if they cant kill efficiently and cherish every debris

Great! something for you to research :)

It a great game! havent had one thats that fun in a long time, only one thing im not sure that you know or might wanna incorporate are Thermals or the natural sources of Lift that birds/gliders use to gain altitude efficiently.
tho these stuff can be easily found on wiki, just thot you might be interested to know. And i remember something about being more energy efficient by flying over water due to the rising vapour, but cant seem to find the article anywhere :-/ Good job!


genius and creative, never thought before concept of a parody :D shows the true nature to cooking ;)

good game

it is a nice game, easy enough, takes some brains and patience to make it through the game though, which is good. loled at the green sorcs that hexed me. but the knight's skills are quite one tracked, would be nice if theres different class like an archer, mage or something. im asking for alot, aint i :P great job

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